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Chapter Roll Call


Matthew: (Founding Member/Club Champion): Matthew has a diverse selection of armies ranging from his Fantasy Dwarf Slayers to his World Eaters. He also co built the Cityfight table. Look for his Gallery on the Gallery page.


Gary: (Founding Member/ Club Vice-Champion) The Master of Fantasy, Gary has many armies and has rarely lost a battle. He is currrently the Club's Vice-Champion.
Look for his Gallery on the Gallery page.


Alex: (Founding Member/Club Sgt At Arms) Alex is known for spectacular Space Marine and Imperial Guard Armies. Check out his Cult Mecanicus army, featuring the limited edition pieces. He also co built the Cityfight table. Look for his Gallery on the Gallery page.


Shawn: (Founding Member) Shawn is the clubs authority on all GW games. He has been an Outrider for several years and plays many armies, one of his best is his Warhammer Fantasy Undead  army!
Look for his Gallery on the Gallery page.

Steve H.

Steve: (Founding Member/ Club Scribe) Steve is also another Fantasy player in the club, his huge Skaven army is a force to be reckoned with. 


Scot: (Founding Member/Club Treasurer) Scot is another veteran 40k player, he currently has a Dark Eldar Army along with many others.


Lou: (Founding Member and Original Sergeant of Arms) Lou is known for his Steel Legion Imperial Guard Army, along with his Orks lead by Warlord Wehttam, and Tau.

Steve B

Steve:(Club Sgt. at Arms) Steve is a veteran 40k and Fantasy player. His forces include many armies: Chaos Marines, Spacemarines, Necrons, Dark Elves, and Ogre Kingdoms.

Richard M.J. Jarosz

Rich: Current Webserf working for Lone Keep Internet, Inc. Personal sites include his Black Templars and Mordheim.

Dave: Also working on current changes of the site. He currently plays Brettonian, Lizardmen, 4 Dark Angel armies and a Dark Eldar Wych Cult.



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